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Kitchen Remodeling Mossville IL

Expand Your Home With Kitchen Remodeling in Mossville IL

Tired of your small, cramped, out of style kitchen? Looking to expand it, open up, and update its functionality? For that, come to Lakeside Custom Builders, where we specialize in kitchen remodeling. Let us transform the look and feel of your Mossville kitchen today, thanks to the use of state of the art design software. We have been designing and building new and custom kitchens for the past 20 years, with a team made up of both skilled architects and contractors. We are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams, all within your budget. From simple to complex, we take the time to listen to your needs, wants and budget when it comes to your project. So, for kitchen remodeling in Mossville IL you will love, turn to Lakeside Custom Builders.

From new cabinets and counters to replacing old appliances, we can make your vision come to life and fit it into a budget that’s right for you.

  • Cabinets – These bring style and storage to your kitchen. We can help you choose the right cabinets with the perfect blend of space and beauty for your home.
  • Counters – Whether you want solid-stone, laminate or other synthetic material, we can install any countertop.
  • Floors – Choose from tile, vinyl, wood laminate, rubber flooring and more when selecting your new kitchen floor.
  • Utilities – When adjusting the whole design of your kitchen, your electricity, plumbing and gas may need to be rearranged. We can install the right lighting, piping and hookups for appliances.
  • Appliances – Modern appliances provide better energy savings and allow for more functions than older models. We will help you choose quality appliances that fit your kitchen style.
  • Expansion – Whether removing walls or extending out, we can design and build any custom addition for your kitchen.

What We Customize

When it comes to enhancing your kitchen or any other room of your home, we can customize the following:

Kitchen Remodeling Mossville IL
  • Build-Up: We can expand the rooms in your home, or build entirely new sections.
  • Knock-Down: Is there a wall in your way? Want to open up your floor plan? We can knock down some walls to make this happen. The first step is deconstruction, which will create more space in your kitchen and home without having to add square footage.
  • Size: We can handle any size remodel, whether you want to focus on one room at a time or the whole house.
  • Style: Got an idea of what kind of style you’d like? Talk to our team of designers and builders, and they can replicate it. We have performed remodeling work and built homes with styles ranging from modern and colonial to ranch and farmhouse.

Contact Lakeside Custom Builders

To learn more about our kitchen remodeling in Mossville IL, please contact us at 309-250-2151 or fill out our online form. Also, we are located at 10402 Washington St, Mossville, IL 61552.