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Kitchen Remodel Mossville IL

Why a Kitchen Remodel in Mossville IL is a Great Idea

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a kitchen remodel if you live in Mossville, IL.

Because colors, textures and fixture styles are always changing, it never hurts to upgrade. This isn’t just aesthetic advice either – replacing some appliances to something more energy efficient can be a smart move financially as you’ll quickly start to see savings on your power bill.

A kitchen remodel in Mossville IL, or nearby communities can be especially welcome. It’s such a popular room, where everyone seems to converge to create, to clean, to converse, and to look for items to sustain themselves.

It’s sometimes described as the nerve center of the whole home, which means a kitchen remodel in Mossville IL can give homeowners a welcome boost.

Depending on a client’s budget and wish list, a remodel can include new counters, new flooring, new appliances, and new cabinets. There can also be new trim or tile, new fixtures and new accent items.

All of these could be welcome to homeowners who may have looked into remodels of other parts of the home first.

Plenty of Ideas for Kitchen Remodels

The owners of Lakeside Custom Builders have been helping Mossville-area residents with their home improvements and building needs for more than 25 years.

We enjoy helping our clients upgrade their living spaces with a fresh look.As well, we can help show off everyone’s unique décor and personality.

With kitchen remodels, we like showing homeowners the value of upgrading to ENERGY STAR appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators. This has become the standard for energy efficiency.

Along with recommending ENERGY STAR appliances, our team has been certified to create ENERGY STAR certification through the entire home, including HVAC systems. This can provide even coverage or heating or cooling plus more considerable savings on energy bills and let you use fewer resources.

Kitchen Remodel with white cupboards and granite countertops in Mossville IL

The Lakeside Custom Builders team also makes sure to focus on customer service, quality and attention to detail.

As a design/build contractor, we can work closely with clients to plan out your dream home or your dream kitchen remodel in Mossville IL. You also don’t need to work with a separate architect.

Because we’ve provided custom kitchens and remodels for so long, we know all the reasons why people want something better. Sometimes the appliances are older and not working as well anymore. Sometimes the décor is dated, like colors and textures from decades ago.

In some cases, it’s simply too small and crowded – this may have been OK in the past, but maybe there are more people in the house now. Although you might think you’re maxed out on room, we are happy to discuss ways to provide more space, including changing storage areas or even safely knocking out walls.

For more information about room remodels, including your kitchen, or to schedule an estimate, please contact us at (309) 250-2151 or visit us at 10402 Washington Street in Mossville, IL.