Does a custom home cost more than a pre-built home?

On average yes, but only due to the Owner’s choices. Does it have to cost more? No. As long as you’re making a true apples-to-apples comparison, there’s no good reason why a custom home would have to cost any more than a pre-built home (sometimes referred to as a Spec home).

What you need to understand is that typically a pre-built home has been built as cheaply as possible and without quality craftsmanship in order to have a more appealing sale price. Therefore, although it’s new, the important question is, will it last?

In the home building business you do get what you pay for.  At Lakeside Custom Builders we like to say “Custom doesn’t have to mean expensive.” Sometimes people confuse the word “custom” with “luxury.” We often build homes that have “luxury” features in them, but that’s because the homeowner wants them. All custom really means is “built the way you want.” So, if you want a simple home, we can build you a simple home. If you want a small home, we can build you a small home. If you want a smart home we can do that too. When we say custom, you shouldn’t think “expensive,” you should think “a home built just for my family’s needs.”

With all that being said LOL, there is one thing we can’t make affordable or do anything about, and that is “champagne taste on a beer budget.”  If you see it on a show or on the internet and it looks expensive, it probably is. Whatever you’re thinking the price might be, double it and you will be closer.