Can I save money by building my own home instead of hiring a builder?

The answer to this question is complicated. Generally speaking, most people will not see the savings they’re hoping for by trying to build a home without hiring a General Contractor. Your lender may not finance a self-built home as many banks have rules against lending for a first-time, self-built home.  Be aware that rules will apply to you when building your own home; while you won’t need a General Contractors license, you’ll still need to pull permits, have insurance, maintain good bookkeeping, pay your subcontractors, submit draw requests to the bank, prevent liens from being put on your property, etc.

Have we met people who have built their own homes? Yes, we have. Have we met many people who have done it that would do it again? No, not many at all.  Will you save money doing it? Some do, but our experience has shown it’s rare. In addition, questions from subcontractors, suppliers, insurance companies, banks, title companies, etc., along with the headaches due to complications and a whole lot of other things will be overwhelming to most people. This is why there are builders with trained carpenters. Some things are better left to the experts.