Helpful Hints

Drywall & Plaster


With respect to plaster, beware of what you are getting - some companies have been known to pass drywall off as plastered walls. There is a significant difference in materials and cost for plastered walls versus drywall. Plaster walls use a different type of wall board than drywall. It is a board that allows for bonding of the plaster to the board to create a durable finish. The entire board is covered with a thin coat of a hard plastered finish with various textures available at different costs such as smooth, sand swirl, skip trowel, and textured.


If you want all smooth surface walls throughout the house, we feel drywall is a better choice and more economical than plaster with the consideration that we will only use 5/8" drywall on our walls in lieu of ½". The slight added cost for 5/8" drywall is money well spent for the quality and durability.


The selection between drywall and plaster must be finalized during the bidding process as it affects the entire building process.

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